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With reference to Base Design, Air Protection can also be important. Update your Air Defense to at least level 6, 8 or preferably 7. Players aiming for 2600 will spend time gathering their militaries. The military powers can be boosted with clash of clans hack tool for free gems. You have to be prepared for a 54-Balloon army with King and Queen fury and heel spells. To counter this it is also possible to set your X- Bows for anti -air. This military will beat bases that are most unprepared, and is expensive to construct. These units do not cease, so you have to rely on strategically placed anti- hog bombs and snares. Determine where you frequently get assaulted, make gaps inside your foundation at location Giant Bombs and these points to a target models that fulfill there they breach your walls.

Place in the centre of your foundation. While striving to farm trophies leaving your Town-Hall outside your walls, will be moot. Put Archer Queen, your Clan Fortress and Barbarian King around your Town-Hall. You want to optimize the amount of time and attempt adversaries should entice your models outside your foundation. Your aim would be to engage your troops with the enemy combining their power with that of your fixed defenses.